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Concept Paper Guidelines

Recommended length: 3 – 5 pages

Please provide the following details:

  • Your organization name
  • Tax ID
  • Contact name - principal involved in project
  • Contact telephone number
  • Grant title
  • Amount requested
  • Proposed start date
  • Duration of project
  • Rolin Foundation contact
  • Determination letter as proof of your tax status
  • Project overview (1 – 2 pages) - please include prior project history, if any
  • Intended project outcomes – please provide 3 anticipated core outcomes of the work undertaken under this grant along with how you will measure success for each outcome. You might present this as follows:
Outcome 1 How the project will achieve this outcome Metric of success 1
Metric of success 2
  • Core project activities – please describe the core project activities to be undertaken if you are awarded this grant, along with project timelines and deliverables for each work stream. You might present this as follows:
  • Budget – please provide an estimate of the total cost of each of the work streams detailed above, along with the timing of disbursements. Also provide information on expected sources of funding for the project and one or two paragraphs detailing your plans to achieve financial sustainability over time. You might present this as follows:
Sources of funding Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Rolin Foundation        
Source 2        
State, Federal        
Uses of funding        
Work stream 1        
Work stream 2 etc.        


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