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Grant Proposal Guidelines

Recommended length: 7 – 14 pages

Please provide the following details:

  • Your organization name
  • Tax ID – please attach your organization’s determination letter if you have not already submitted this
  • Contact name - principal involved in project
  • Contact telephone number
  • Grant title
  • Amount requested
  • Proposed start date
  • Duration of project
  • Rolin Foundation contact
  • Executive summary - 1 page
  • Background information about your organization including mission, history, staff size, budget, previous projects
  • Detailed project description, including
    • Goals – what are your goals for this grant and how do they tie in with Rolin Foundation’s mission and other supporting partners. Please include project objectives and success metrics. You might present this as follows:
Key goals for grant
- up to 3 concrete metrics can be used to define ‘success’ under each goal
Sources of data
- details of the party providing the data, e.g. an external evaluator
Frequency of reports Due dates for reports
    • Implementation timeline – detailed descriptions of the work streams to be undertaken along with project timelines and deliverables.
    • Budget
      • To include an income statement and a cash flow statement
      • Assumptions should be clearly reflected (both quantitative and qualitative)
      • All expected sources of funding for the grant should be included
      • Projections should cover the life of the grant - the time unit (month or quarter) chosen will depend on the duration of the grant
      • All items indicated should relate directly to the project being funded
      • Expenditure to be organized into categories
      • Timing of cashflow to be aligned to the previously detailed work streams
  • Team details including names, titles, organizations and relevant experience
  • Other sources of funding – please provide background information about any other organizations that will provide funding for the project
  • Attachments – please include your strategic or business plan, and your annual report and / or funder’s report

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