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Groundswell Community Mural Project is a New York-based, nonprofit organization that brings together professional artists, grassroots organizations and communities in partnership to create high quality public art in under-represented neighborhoods across NYC. Their work inspires youth, communities and artists to take active ownership of their future and equips them with the tools necessary for social change.

Groundswell’s murals:

  • Engage hard to reach young people
  • Teach art skills along with communication, collaboration and leadership
  • Bridge cultural, ethnic, class and generational divides
  • Increase civic participation and activism
  • Give local artists an opportunity to participate in community service
  • Create inspirational and beautiful neighborhood monuments

Groundswell solicits feedback from all mural participants and community partners and assesses programs on the basis of:

  • Self-esteem / self-confidence - Increased ability to speak in public and accomplish tasks
  • Critical thinking - Increased ability to articulate and discuss ideas
  • Leadership - Ability to work well in a group, provide peer support and take initiative
  • Problem-solving - Increased ability to brainstorm in a group and develop imagery appropriate for the needs of community groups
  • Communication - Improved ability to speak with adults in community groups and articulate themes within the mural
  • Civic responsibility - Increased awareness of social issues in the community
  • Painting and drawing skills - Objective improvement in and understanding of painting techniques
  • Job readiness - Increased sense of professionalism, maturity and responsibility
  • Cultural impact - Completion of a high quality work of public art
  • Community impact - Increased awareness of issues affecting youth in the community

Youth who have completed Groundswell programs have gone on to go to art schools including Cooper Union, Pratt, and the School of Visual Arts. Some have returned as paid Assistant Artists or develop their skills by serving on Groundswell’s board of directors.


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