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Please expect an average of four months for the entire application process. Click on the menu bar for specific application guidelines.

1. Dialogue

The principal Director involved in the proposed project must dialogue with a Rolin Foundation Board member.  A Rolin Foundation Director may request a site visit with the principals involved in the requested project.

2. Concept Paper

The second step in applying for a grant with Rolin Foundation is to complete a two to three page “concept paper”.  This paper will give us an overview of your organization and indicate why you are seeking a grant from our Foundation.  Our concept guidelines will include:

  • Information on your organization and tax status
  • Purpose for the grant
  • How the grant supports Rolin Foundation mission, objectives, and some or all of the other Foundation partners
  • The expected start date and duration of the grant project
  • Outcomes - how you would measure the grant’s success
  • Main activities necessary to complete the grant
  • Financial need and other funding sources

There is generally a four week review period of the concept paper.  After review, we will notify you as to whether you should submit a more detailed proposal or whether we have declined to fund.

3. Proposal

If we accept your concept paper, we are likely to ask that you complete a longer, more detailed grant proposal.  Our proposal guidelines will include:

  • A more in-depth overview of your organization.  Please include the backgrounds, strengths, and experience of the senior managers and principals involved in project
  • Overall organization revenue and expenses
  • Project goals and how they align with the Foundation’s mission
  • Specific “metrics of success” to be used by both your organization and the Foundation to evaluate this project’s outcomes
  • Implementation timeline and outline of various work streams
  • Financial resources required and other sources of funding
  • Evidence of your organization’s overall goals and how this project contributes to those goals.

4. Grant Due Diligence

You will be contacted within three weeks of receiving your completed proposal.  Please expect that at that time

    1. we will ask detailed questions about your plan so that we can best understand your key elements and strategies; and
    2. we may ask you to modify certain aspects of your proposal and resubmit

As part of our due diligence process, the Foundation needs to make sure that both of our organizations understand and agree upon shared measurements of success, disbursement terms, and other information that will be essential for our funding decision. 

The Rolin Foundation believes it is important that both organizations have very clear expectations up-front about what outcomes are anticipated.  The due diligence, proposal review, and modification phase may take from one to three months.

5. Decision on Funding

The Foundation will submit the final proposal and an investment recommendation to the Foundation’s Board for review.  After one to three weeks, you will receive a phone call from the Foundation informing you of your proposal’s status.  If approved, we will send you a letter confirming the Foundation’s intention to fund your grant.  The funding is contingent on both parties reaching mutual agreement on all terms and conditions.

6. Finalize Terms of Grant

Once we have agreed to fund your grant, the Foundation and your organization will discuss and finalize terms and conditions of our grant investment (“Terms of Grant”).  Our Terms of Grant agreement includes important attachments.

We will send you a proposed Terms of Grant for your review, containing all of the following:

  • The budget as approved
  • The project’s parameters, such as the amount of funding, duration
  • The approved proposal
  • The approved evaluation benchmarks, the measurements of success, included in your final proposal that will be used to evaluate the grant’s progress and outcomes

After approval, we will work with you to finalize the Terms of the Grant.  We expect that this phase will take approximately three weeks.

7. Execute Grant

Once we have agreed to the Terms of Grant, we will post to you two copies for your signature.  Once we have received a signed copy and any other required deliverables, we will disburse funds based on the Terms of Grant.  A progress guideline will then be provided, and there will be periodic site visits, and dialogue with Foundation Board Members throughout the duration of the grant.

Please note that as with any contract negotiations, at any point before the execution of the Terms of Grant, we may decide not to pursue funding this project further.

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