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Teacher Training and Resources

During 2009, the Metropolitan continued to expand and enhance its roster of programs for K-12 teachers. As many studies have shown, students who participate in the arts, both in school and through community programs, demonstrate improved academic performance. In addition, schools are more able to retain their best teachers by encouraging innovation and creativity in their classrooms – creating environments where teachers want to teach and students want to learn. Particularly during these difficult financial times, the Metropolitan’s teacher training programs are critical components in helping local – and now national and international – teachers and schools achieve their goals.

Teacher Training Programs encompass onsite teacher training, including Teacher Workshops, Summer Teacher Institutes, and Customised Professional Development Programs, as well as offsite teacher programs, including both In-School Development Programs and Online Teacher Training.

Over the past year, the Metropolitan continued to expand its online teacher training capacity and roster of programs, reaching far beyond the galleries to share collections and expertise with educators around the world. In general, participants spend 3 weeks online engaged in threaded discussion, collaborative wiki projects, blogging, and live webinars, immersing themselves in a topic. Online interactions are followed by a visit to the Metropolitan, where possible, for participants to engage directly with the original works of art. This format also allows teachers from diverse geographic areas to collaborate and compare their different experiences and those of their students.

Art of the Ancient Near East  - A Resource for Educators

Near EastThis essential guide for educators, due for release in Summer 2010, focuses on the variety of art produced by the rich and complex cultures that flourished in what today is known as the Middle East between about 8,000 B.C. and 650 A.D. Included in this box are a publication providing the cultural, archaeological, and historical contexts for a selection of thirty works of art; curriculum connections, discussion questions, lesson plans, and activities for a range of grade levels; maps, a chronology, bibliographies, web resources, a game, a DVD of images, and a glossary. These educational materials are made possible by Rolin Foundation.

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