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Over the past five years, we have worked with the New York Academy of Art to establish a scholarship/mentorship program to support talented young artists. Through these young artists the Academy will develop a new mentoring program with school children to encourage the education of conscientious future role models in the arts community and in society

The Scholarship/Mentorship Program

Applicants to the Academy’s Master of Fine Arts program are selected solely on the basis of excellence; however, those who demonstrate a compelling case for financial aid together with an interest in and aptitude for the mentor program will qualify for consideration for the scholarship. A condition of the scholarships will be that recipients participate in the mentor project.

In this way they will have an opportunity to share with the community the inspiration and knowledge that they themselves have received.

It is hoped that the relationships formed during the program will continue beyond the period that the mentors are enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts Program at the Academy, so that mentors and children continue to benefit from the creative discourse they develop during the program.


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