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Progress Report Guidelines

Please note that Rolin Foundation takes a very hands on approach to assessment and we will be conducting our own evaluations based on site visits and ongoing involvement in the project.

Recommended length: 7 – 15 pages

Please provide the following details:

  • Review of key developments – 1 – 5 page narrative highlighting key developments since your last report
  • Requirements for release of funds – to include the following:
    • Deliverables required for this installment
    • Documentation showing that all requirements for the relevant installment have been met
    • Documentation of any requirements that have been modified in agreement with the Foundation, and proof that the modified requirement has been met
    • Documentation explaining any delays in requirements being met
  • Status of implementation plan - for each of the work streams included in the final implementation plan, please show the following:
    • Work stream
    • Expected completion date
    • Status - please indicate whether the work stream has been completed or modified
    • Notes providing an explanation if modified
  • Budget v actual - include spreadsheet and detailed notes


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